Spring tree has sprung


Posted on May 2, 2016 by

It took 4 years to get this shot, but here is the spring tree in all its glory with green grass and blue sky, and no color touch up!


Build 2016 Raspberry Pi 2 and FezHat


Posted on April 3, 2016 by

I felt the IoT Internet of Things hands-on Lab at the Build 2016 conference was the best thing I could have done. The lab called for you to make use of GitHub, NuGet, Visual Studio Team System on Line, Xamarin, and Azure portals. The hardware itself was a Windows 10 PC and a Raspberry Pi 2. The Raspberry Pi was outfitted with a FezHat board mounted on it that had a light , temperature and humidity sensor on board. You had to deploy an app onto the Raspberry Pi and have it start collecting statistics on Azure.

Now, would you want to actually build an app that simply? I am not sure.


The Curtlee Mansion from John Lescroart’s Damage


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While I was in San Francisco, I stopped at a bookstore on California Street. I asked for a mystery set in San Francisco. The helpful people at Books Inc. pointed me to a mystery called Damage by John Lescroart. The mansion of the rich Curtlee family is described in the beginning of chapter 6 as follows:

“The Curtlee mansion and its grounds took up the last third of Vallejo Street on the uphill side in the last block before it abutted into the abundant greenery of the tamed forest that was the Presidio.”

I stood in the abundant greenery this morning and snapped a picture of what must be the model for the mansion.

vallejo Curtlee Mansion Damage

It’s a nice place. This house at 2460 Lyon street has an estimated worth of $13 million according to Zillow. It’s not even the nicest property in the neighborhood. Even the nearby Russian Consulate General is not even the nicest property. All seem to be renting for somewhere around $50,000 per month from whoever the real owners are, which I am guessing are Illuminati at this point.

Damage was a real page turner by the way, and I enjoyed it immensely. I now am going to start in on The Maltese Falcon.

Ready for the Microsoft Build 2016 Conference


Posted on February 3, 2016 by

I had an interruption in my planned enrollment for the 2016 Microsoft Professional Developer Conference. I did not begin the process until 3 minutes after 9 PST, and found myself on the waiting list. I just got the invitation yesterday, so I am back on!


The weather tree in winter


Posted on February 1, 2016 by

It looks dead, yet is merely waiting.

The Weather tree in the dead of Winter

The Weather tree in the dead of Winter


For some reason, WordPress for Windows Phone does not handle the rotation correctly. It must go by Landscape.

Drawing essentials


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I was at the Blick Studio store. Ahead of me in line, a person bought 18 Strathmore 400 drawing pads and 18 Dixon Black Ticonderoga HB pencils. The drawing tablets were on sale. This is someone who knows exactly what works, and probably does a lot of sketching.

Dixon Black+ Strathmore 400

Got the Raspberry Pi launched


Posted on December 26, 2015 by

I got one of the Microsoft starter kits to get into the internet of things (IoT). it was very easy to download the latest Windows 10 and flash the SD card. The Internet of things was emphasized at the Build conference in 2015. At the Consumer Electronics show, that is going to be the rage.

Develop Windows 10 IoT

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Apple iOS9 and Enterprise distribution certificate trusting


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Apple iOS9 has made changes to how you trust enterprise certificates.  Previously you could trust a profile the first time you ran an application from an alert.  Now you need to go to Settings à-> General -> Profiles and trust the profile there.

For example, with iOS 9 , when you try to launch App Market, you may see this alert.


There may in fact be no message at all, the app may fail to launch at all.

Go to Settings -> General. Select Profiles & Device Management.



Select your Enterprise App Profile.



Click on ‘Trust {your app}.



Click on the ‘Trust’ button on the popover.


Your enterprise application, and any other apps signed with your distribution certificate should be listed under the Apps from Developer “iPhone Distribution: {your companyt}”.


Who still uses those C9 bulbs?


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The big bulbs are out. By that, I mean the C9 sized Christmas tree lights.  The tree in this picture has 4 strings of 25 lights. That amounts to 700 watts of electricity usage. LED bulbs would be 1/5th of that in usage. Also, as these strings get older, they become more brittle. I have thrown away many over the years. Just this year, two had to go, because some bulbs huffed out leaving wisps of electrical fire smoke in the room and blowing the inline fuses.

But, I like them, and we do not light them for very long periods of time. The only time they will be on for an extended period will be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

C9 bulb Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorated with incandescent C9 bulbs