Using Sublime Text as my new essential development tool

I have list of PC must haves in my toolbox. A good text editor is a must. I have been using Textpad  ( ) for a long time and really have nothing bad to say about it. It can open large files and has a decent regular expression editor. It is able to delete at column and row level.

I dabbled with Notepad+ and Notepad++ as I looked for replacements for notepad. I used Editpad for quite some time.

When I attended the BuildWindows conference this summer, I saw many of the presenters using Sublime as a text editor. It runs on both PCs with Windows and Mac. It also works on Linux. It seemed to be the consensus editor of choice. I have enabled my Sublime plugin to prettify the XML files I work with on a regular basis. I used this tip here:

You will need the xmllint command for your PC from Google CodePlex. Take the one that allows inline piping.

More about xmllint:


The command line to fix your XML: xmllint –format –encode utf-8

Next Google Chrome (version 28) will use Blink

I did not know this until today as I was updating the Google Chrome browsers to version 27 on the stage web servers.

 The next version of Chrome (28) will use Blink, a fork of WebKit that was announced early in May.

 This is a report from Google I/O

 I am wondering how much this might affect cross platform applications.

Useful free .NET dll decompiler

I just used this to look at a deployed project .NET DLL to verify a code change had been made. Very useful on a straight DLL not in a project. It can be unzipped into a directory and run from there.
DevExtras .NET CodeReflect is a simple yet advanced free .NET assembly browser/decompiler. It is a free alternative to Red Gate’s/Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector

MVC4 update

It seems like MVC4 does not just go by itself. It needs NUGET, and the rewrite module to get all right with the world.

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Moving to MVC4

Getting Visual Studio 2010 Service pack 1 installed on a Windows 2003 build server was a sore trial. It turns out there is a hotfix necessary to allow the install to complete.

When you attempt to install a large .msi package or .msp package on Windows Server 2003, you receive:

Error 1718. File <FileName> was rejected by digital signature policy.

This behavior occurs if the server has insufficient contiguous memory to verify that the package is correctly signed.

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