Weather Tree in Fall 2017

The Weather Tree is definitely not the queen of the Autumn Ball!


It’s a lot of work to catch it at the right time, but here it is, May 7, 2017!

the spring tree in full bloom

the spring tree in full bloom

Spring tree ready to photograph!

It’s almost time: May 5th and 6th, 2017, the blooming has started.

May 6th

The sky just is not right….

Weather Tree in April

By April, the tree has some foliage, but it’s not ready yet!

Weather Tree in February

We hit some nice sunny weather in February, and lost most of the snow. So the blooming tree can be seen without its decoration.

Spring tree has sprung

It took 4 years to get this shot, but here is the spring tree in all its glory with green grass and blue sky, and no color touch up!


The weather tree in winter

It looks dead, yet is merely waiting.

The Weather tree in the dead of Winter

The Weather tree in the dead of Winter


For some reason, WordPress for Windows Phone does not handle the rotation correctly. It must go by Landscape.

Summer is winding down

And my favorite tree is starting to lose some green.


Blossoms already going

The blooms already are falling off. Spring seems early this year.

Tree in Spring

Tree in Spring

Awaiting the spring blooming

This tree is only weeks away.


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