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Working to set up and use 3rd party web hosting

Final results for blogging app


Posted on April 29, 2013 by

WordPress has emerged as a winner, but not without reservation. Since I make my living working on Windows and Visual Studio, I really wanted to go with a .NET solution on a Windows host. Also, I have read in more than one place that WordPress melts down when slashdotted or other viral content directs at your website. I am not really fond of PHP based sites, since I have needed to clean up after hacks on the Nuke sites.

It turns out that Windows based WordPress hosting is the worst of both worlds. GoDaddy does not say this in their support and hosting plans, but WordPress is unusable on a shared windows hosting plan, even a deluxe plan. They have WordPress hosting , which is really one of their Linux hosting plans marketed specifically at bloggers. The GoDaddy support person said it would be a “night and day difference.” He is correct. I actually can post and view posts. I might be able to make some money with this too.

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DasBlog and WordPress showdown


Posted on April 21, 2013 by

I have been in the process of evaluating a blogging tool. WordPress has a very handy free app for Windows Phone and iPhone for blogging. The DasBlog software does not seem to have an equivalent native app.

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Shared hosting learning experience


Posted on April 17, 2013 by

This current shared hosting vendor has a great deal for this domain and hosting, but the performance is weak for a Windows server IIS shared host running PHP and mySQL. Part of the secret I am told is to turn off plugins. Also to get the W3 cache plug in. I have enabled these now and will watch how it goes.

It is nice that this blog can be posted with iPhone and Windows phone apps.