Muscle Car Stamps from the U.S. Post Office

I am no Philatelist. But I can truly appreciate these stamps from the post office.




Local Fairlane Club meet

I was able to catch a local meet up of the Fairlane Car Club of America today. There are still some nice examples of 40+ aged cars running out there. One nice Fairlane Club Coupe was equipped with a 427 cid “side oiler”, a rarer , more powerful, version of the FE series engine that can fit between the shock towers under the hood.

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Using Sublime Text as my new essential development tool

I have list of PC must haves in my toolbox. A good text editor is a must. I have been using Textpad  ( ) for a long time and really have nothing bad to say about it. It can open large files and has a decent regular expression editor. It is able to delete at column and row level.

I dabbled with Notepad+ and Notepad++ as I looked for replacements for notepad. I used Editpad for quite some time.

When I attended the BuildWindows conference this summer, I saw many of the presenters using Sublime as a text editor. It runs on both PCs with Windows and Mac. It also works on Linux. It seemed to be the consensus editor of choice. I have enabled my Sublime plugin to prettify the XML files I work with on a regular basis. I used this tip here:

You will need the xmllint command for your PC from Google CodePlex. Take the one that allows inline piping.

More about xmllint:


The command line to fix your XML: xmllint –format –encode utf-8

The Beehive to return to Hans’ Bakery

It is a little something special in Anoka, Hans’ Bakery. If anyone ever had business in Anoka, they were supposed to stop and pick up one of the beehives.

Hans’ bakery is about to re-open after a few year hiatus.

Of course there will be a run on the beehive, a large pastry with a custard middle.

The Beehive, some left

The remaining bit of the Hans’ Bakery Beehive


Beehives from Hans’ Bakery

The beehive is marked off in 12 slices, plus the middle. At one of my old jobs, I brought in a beehive to work. The company owner, who did not fraternize much with the employees, was drawn out by the beehive. He was a big fan of custard. He sliced out the middle circle piece for himself. The middle piece is pretty special. The ones pictured above were from a last hurrah visit before they closed. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for my waistline) they were closed the whole time my daughter went to school nearby in Anoka.

Beehives never were easy to obtain. It seemed like only a dozen were made for the day, and they were gone early. The best bet was to be there around 7:00am. I am sure that lots of people are going to go without, as there will be a run on beehives the first few weeks.

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