BuildWindows 2014

Microsoft let slip that the professional developer conference returns to San Francisco on April 2-4. I hope to attend again.


Candy Corn Oreo Cookies NO, Candy Cane Oreo Cookies YES!

At Halloween time, Nabisco released Candy Corn Oreo cookies. I am the perfect audience for these new products because we have a household rule about these types of tasty snacks, “We can never buy these again.” It covers all manner of treats and store bought cookies. But, a loophole exists that allows any new variation to be fair game. It has to be a different recipe, not different packaging. Regular Oreos were one of the first snacks to which that rule was applied. It actually is a useful rule, as it saves us from buying the same junk food repeatedly and has kept our family away from the general US trend of morbid obesity. As Cookie Monster said when asked about his new eating habits, “Cookies are sometimes food.”

The Candy Corn Oreos are not good tasting. With no flavor no mask the unknown fatty substance, they taste like fat and sweetener. Strangely, the regular white Oreo filling tastes better. I would not be surprised if they actually were the same, or very close. But there had been some half-hearted attempt to simulate the candy corn flavor. Nabisco would have been better off just putting mashed candy corn in the middle. Candy corn has a certain flavor lent to it, possibly by slight carmelization of the corn syrup and flavor of the corn itself. The wafers are the golden ones, which really means unflavored shortbread biscuits. But even shortbread is better, since it has a buttery taste. I predict we will not see these again.

The Candy Cane Oreos are truly delightful. They have a peppermint flavor and bits of crunchy candy cane mixed in the double stuff. Yay! These will be back next year.

Candy Corn and Candy Cane Oreos

Nabsico made Candy Corn Oreo Cookies for Halloween and Candy Cane Oreo Cookies for Christmas.


500 and Schmier card games

18 years ago, in the Wild West of the Internet in 1996, I searched for web sites about card games to find out more about Schmier. The only one I found, was the one run is the Card Games site run by John McLeod.

I ended up supplying what I knew about Schmier to John, which he added to his site.

I ended up contributing the rules for 500 as well.

One side effect was that, through the magic of ‘bots, my name was associated with all sorts of card game web sites that borrowed the content to drive traffic.  For a while, I was a renowned expert on Texas Hold’em, according to Google.

Tombow 100th Anniversary Drawing set first look

I purchased a couple of sets of the Tombow 100th Anniversary drawing pencils.

One Dozen Tombow Mono HB pencils

Tombow 100th Anniversary drawing pencil set

I already have Tombow Mono 100 and Tombow Mono pencils.

Tombow Pencils from my collection

Different types of Tombow Pencils: Tombow Mono drawing set, Tombow Mono 100 *B*, pencils, Tombow Mono B and HB pencils, Tombow Mono J HB pencil, Tombow 100th Anniversary HB pencil, Tombow Mono Sand and Rubber eraser, Tombow Mono Non PVC Eraser


I sharpened one to try it out. In terms of quality, it seems VERY similar to the Tombow Mono J. It does not have an end cap. It writes and sharpens the same. The Tombow mono 100 pencils have a premium plastic endcap, but do not print the grade on all six faces. The Tombow Mono pencils do print the grade on all faces. The Tombow Mono pencil set is sold as the Tombow Mono Professional set in the United States. They look remarkably similar to the Koh-I-Noor Toison D’or drawing pencils.

I am not sure that the 100th Anniversary set will be a good investment as a collectible, since they still are readily available. And they are not as good a writing and drawing instrument as their current line. I believe that is to be expected after 100 years of improvement.

PencilTalk has more to say about the Tombow 100th Anniversary

As of today, December 7, 2014, there are still pencil sets available.

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