Fabriano Notebook

This Fabriano EcoQua is supposed to be a feel-good notebook. The description shows that it is 100% “Elemental chlorine free”.

The 8×6 notebooks list for $3.99 from art retailers.



I was attracted by the dot layout. The dots form a writing guideline and are just visible enough to show where to write, but not interfering with the reading back of notes.

It takes Pencil or Pen well.


Two problems , as I mention in a previous post (Fellow Notebook Aficionado at Build Conference),

1.) The binding does not lay flat, making it difficult to write. If you want the binding to lay flat, you have to tear out the pages.

2.) The pages tear easily from the binding, which is not great if you want to preserve your notes in that same book.

The best way to look at this notebook is individual note sheets, which is how I use it today. I keep it in my desk for when I want to make a note or list to carry with me.

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