Microsoft Build Conference 2017 – The Cloud Logo

I had a good spot for the 2017 Microsoft Professional Developer’s conference Keynote. I was at the head of the class. I could not help but notice something while Scott Guthrie was speaking. ¬† He has the Microsoft Cloud logo behind him. ¬†Specifically it is in the shape of what I have seen as the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud.

Since I am at the front, it is easier for me to watch Scott talk on the monitor.

I can’t help but notice that the cloud is a bit jagged at the bottom.

It gets me to wondering. Apple has the “Golden Ratio” designed into their cloud logo for iCloud. I wonder what the design guidelines are for the Microsoft Cloud logos. There seems to be a few of them.


It’s a lot of work to catch it at the right time, but here it is, May 7, 2017!

the spring tree in full bloom

the spring tree in full bloom

Spring tree ready to photograph!

It’s almost time: May 5th and 6th, 2017, the blooming has started.

May 6th

The sky just is not right….

Weather Tree in April

By April, the tree has some foliage, but it’s not ready yet!

Weather Tree in February

We hit some nice sunny weather in February, and lost most of the snow. So the blooming tree can be seen without its decoration.

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