The Joy of Walking in England


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I knew that walking is popular in England. Also I knew that the Cotswolds area was a popular recreation spot. That’s why I booked the North Farmcote B&B. It was rated #1 on  The owner, David, lent me his copy of the Ordnance Survey Leisure map, the OL45.

Cotswolds OL 45

I took a snapshot of his map with my camera. I used the computer to draw in red where we walked. He had circled his farm in blue. As you can see, they are very detailed. Also, they show the historical sites like Sudeley Castle and St Kenelm’s Well in a blackletter / fractur / Yonkers font.

Winchcombe Walk 2014

We walked by two old Abbeys. At the Hailes Abbey, we took the tour. I did not even understand about the Winchcombe Abbey until I got back and did some reading.


It was really neat that we could walk through the pastures. Each field had some kind of stile or gate. The cows, sheep, or pigs are right there. There are yellow arrows on the fence to help guide you to the next gate.

Just the idea that there is an ancient place called “St. Kenelm’s Well” out in the middle of nowhere seemed interesting and legendary. And it is.

St. Kenelm was buried at Winchcombe Abbey

which is now part of the town of Winchcombe.

Another article on the Ordnance Survey maps.

I bought two maps in Salisbury, the OL45 and the 130 – Salisbury and Stonehenge. They pronounce it “Sawlzbree”

The Ordnance survey maps have been published for since the 1700s, and I have no doubt must have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to some degree. Just the sheer amount of history laying around in the area we walked in more that you could stack up in my whole home state.



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