Twin Cities Speedway in Blaine (Lost Twin Cities)


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As I was being brought to work from the dealer repair shop, the driver told me he used to race at the old Twin Cities Speedway, which was located in Blaine. He mentioned it was off County Road J near I35W.  It was a dirt track oval and there also was a nearby drag strip.

A look at the online map for that area is not too revealing

Twin Cities Speedway location

A look at the 1967 USGS map for the New Brighton, Minnesota Quadrangle shows that there is a small square of Blaine that has intruded into Mounds View.

Twin Cities Speedway map



The 1997 USGS map shows the current street configuration in that area, as well as some of the buildings.

1997 Twin Cities Speedway


The Aerial views show the current buildings. It is possible to match the buildings with the map layout, but there is not much to see.




Twin Cities Speedway Aerial Today


Trees and fields have filled in the area. In this picture, the Medtronic CRDM Mounds View campus can be seen. It was built upon the old Mounds View City Nine Hole Golf Course that was called “The Bridges”.

Twin Cities Race Course


A further look on the USGS New Brighton Quadrangle shows a landing strip just east on the other side of I35W. Presumably it was made obsolete by the nearby Blaine / Anoka County Airport.

More about the Twin Cities Speedway


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  1. I remember that place. As a boy I grew up in New Brighton. Laying in bed at night on Friday and Saturday nights they would have drag racing and I could hear the engines of the dragsters clearly. I am sure that one of the reasons the Race track went away was the noise level but your post does take my back.

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