Faber Polygrades commemorative set

Faber-Castell released a commemorative set of twelve “Polygrades” graphite pencils in the range of HHHHH to BBBBB now known as 5H to 5B.

This was to celebrate the anniversary of Lothar von Faber’s 200th birthday,

They were shipped unsharpened, but I had to try them out.

I got a little work in with the BB.

Here is a comparison with the Tombow Mono 100, Mitsubishi Hi-Uni, Staedtler Mars Unigraph, The Faber-Castell 9000, and the Utrecht/Blick pencils. As I have stated in earlier articles, I have found the Staedtler and Blick pencils to be the best every day pencils. And the Mitsubishi pencils to be the best “too nice to use” pencils.

As you can see, the Polygrade anniversary set is graded much like its modern-day descendant in the Faber Castell 9000 series.

There are nice pictures at Pencil Talk of an original set. As you can see the original laquer was brown, not black.

A. W. Faber’s Polygrade Lead Pencils

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