Hahn/Cock by artist Katharina Fritsch at the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis

When I traveled to London in 2014, I walked through Trafalgar square. I had not been there since 1998. On the “Fourth Plinth” there was a statue of a blue chicken.

More about the Fourth Plinth

The statue is actually Hahn/Cock, a sculpture of a giant blue cockerel by the German artist Katharina Fritsch.

Note that the Grand Hotel looks pretty good in the photo above. It has been cleaned up.  It looked quite scuzzy in 1998. The pigeons were rampant as well. There was a Greenpeace protest going on that day in May. The protesters were dressed as Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Now I heard that Hahn/Cock was going to be moved to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, home of the famous Cherry on a Spoon, Coosje van Bruggen’s Spoonbridge and Cherry. However, the article suggests that the Minneapolis Hahn/Cock is “a second in an edition of two by the artist”. The Original is at the National Gallery in Washington. I am going to use that phrase from now on, when I really mean “a copy.”

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