Singapore for Americans

Singapore is a great way to get toes dipped into Asia for Americans. It is a very long flight, but once you arrive, it can be very comforting.

English Everywhere
Since Singapore was established as a British trading post, the common language spoken and in signage has been English. This makes it quite easy to navigate. All the stores and museums have English Language signs, even in Chinatown and Little India.

Retail is still alive and well , where in the US stores are closing. Toys R Us is one example of a store still open and popular, probably because it was not encumbered by leveraged buy out debt!

Singaporeans don’t like to sweat, so they take the bus, they do not walk much. We found that to be the case even for students going from class building to another building. Mass transit is plentiful. You probably would not need to rent a car in Singapore.

The Heat
It does get very warm. Those who come from the U.S. rarely experience the type of heat and humidity that is an everyday thing in Singapore. Those from the upper Midwest may experience maybe one day a summer that comes close to Singapore weather. Drink plenty of liquids!

Even The “National Drink”, the Singapore Sling

Cats with no tails
For reasons known to the Singapore SPCA, Cats in Singapore belong to the bobtailed cat family.  They originated from the Japanese Bobtail cat which interbred with the local feral cats.  They are born without tails.

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