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It seemed like a good idea at the time, right? This spider had woven itself a web in the Don’t walk sign. I wonder how many bugs blundered into that?




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Autumn Leaves Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


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It happens so quickly here. Brace yourselves, Winter is coming.

Here today gone tomorrow

Autumn Leaves blown away


And my favorite neighborhood colorful tree is cleared out too.


More Team Motivational posters


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We all did this, it seemed ripe to parody



Add your Xamarin App to Crashlytics


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Here are the steps that I followed
1.) In the Xamarin Studio , go to the touch container and add the Crashlytics API key in the Build -> Crash reporting section. Build and run that app. The evidence suggests that is enough to get data sent to Crashlytics. I saw that it knew about older versions of the app I had built and ran weeks ago with the API key already in.
2.) Go to Xcode and create a new project with the same name as the Xamarin project, com.{company}.{appname}. (You probably need to have that profile downloaded.) I did it in Swift by the way with no issues.
3.) Go to com and go to settings -> Apps (or
4.) You will get an app to download and run. The app walks through the steps of adding
A.) A build phase run script
B.) Code to the application main Crashlytics.startWithAPIKey(“nnnn”)
5.) Run your Xcode version of the app

The Crashlytics web page popped up immediately.


Twin Cities Speedway in Blaine (Lost Twin Cities)


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As I was being brought to work from the dealer repair shop, the driver told me he used to race at the old Twin Cities Speedway, which was located in Blaine. He mentioned it was off County Road J near I35W.  It was a dirt track oval and there also was a nearby drag strip.

A look at the online map for that area is not too revealing

Twin Cities Speedway location

A look at the 1967 USGS map for the New Brighton, Minnesota Quadrangle shows that there is a small square of Blaine that has intruded into Mounds View.

Twin Cities Speedway map



The 1997 USGS map shows the current street configuration in that area, as well as some of the buildings.

1997 Twin Cities Speedway


The Aerial views show the current buildings. It is possible to match the buildings with the map layout, but there is not much to see.




Twin Cities Speedway Aerial Today


Trees and fields have filled in the area. In this picture, the Medtronic CRDM Mounds View campus can be seen. It was built upon the old Mounds View City Nine Hole Golf Course that was called “The Bridges”.

Twin Cities Race Course


A further look on the USGS New Brighton Quadrangle shows a landing strip just east on the other side of I35W. Presumably it was made obsolete by the nearby Blaine / Anoka County Airport.

More about the Twin Cities Speedway


Oxford Die cast London Fire


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I picked these up in England at Hamley’s on Regent street. The Lamley group had the Bedford TK on the Matchbox wish list. I think this and the Land Rover are pretty nice examples.


Matchbox MF-1 Fire Station featuring Dennis TK from Oxford Die Cast

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The Joy of Walking in England


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I knew that walking is popular in England. Also I knew that the Cotswolds area was a popular recreation spot. That’s why I booked the North Farmcote B&B. It was rated #1 on  The owner, David, lent me his copy of the Ordnance Survey Leisure map, the OL45.

Cotswolds OL 45

I took a snapshot of his map with my camera. I used the computer to draw in red where we walked. He had circled his farm in blue. As you can see, they are very detailed. Also, they show the historical sites like Sudeley Castle and St Kenelm’s Well in a blackletter / fractur / Yonkers font.

Winchcombe Walk 2014

We walked by two old Abbeys. At the Hailes Abbey, we took the tour. I did not even understand about the Winchcombe Abbey until I got back and did some reading.


It was really neat that we could walk through the pastures. Each field had some kind of stile or gate. The cows, sheep, or pigs are right there. There are yellow arrows on the fence to help guide you to the next gate.

Just the idea that there is an ancient place called “St. Kenelm’s Well” out in the middle of nowhere seemed interesting and legendary. And it is.

St. Kenelm was buried at Winchcombe Abbey

which is now part of the town of Winchcombe.

Another article on the Ordnance Survey maps.

I bought two maps in Salisbury, the OL45 and the 130 – Salisbury and Stonehenge. They pronounce it “Sawlzbree”

The Ordnance survey maps have been published for since the 1700s, and I have no doubt must have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to some degree. Just the sheer amount of history laying around in the area we walked in more that you could stack up in my whole home state.



Apple Lightning Cable Magic Knot


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When you go into the Apple store, you might get your cable tied into their magic knot. We were there because the replaced iPod crapped out. We got another new iPod. They replaced the first one with a cracked screen at no charge. Thanks Apple!

Lightning Cable USB Knot

What happens to your cable at the Apple Store

The Royal pencil


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We visited the State rooms of Buckingham Palace yesterday. On our way out, we were given a checklist of birds in the palace garden. In order to check the boxes, we were given a red Corporate C1 HB pencil. I decided to compare it with some others I brought to England.


Darkness comparison between General Kimberly HB, 2B, Palomino Blackwing 602, and the Corporate C1 HB pencil from Buckingham Palace

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We had some fun on our new project.

CONSENSUS: It’s easier to go down with the ship if everyone is on board.

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